Nards Paragas

I'm a software developer and an aspiring polyglot trying to pave my way into the tech industry. I am also an advocate for educating the youth about the local tech scene.


What I feed my mind with

As I move forward in my career, I constantly seek chances to learn and help others along the way. In addition, I always try my best to filter and absorb knowledge.

Software Development

The experience from the planning stage, going to definition, design, and then proceeding to the engineering process itself up to the project delivery is a food for the mind.

Product Design

It's always fun for me to learn about the holistic culmination of extensive research, identifying problems, eye-catching aesthetics, designing informed solutions — and everything in between.

Product Management

Being able to learn on the go and to practice my leadership skills are great opportunities for me. Helping or empowering others is my goal and executing it to actual projects is always exciting and challenging.

Note: Still under construction and trying things out 🤗
I also write about software development and my journey in tech. Read it here. I also write on DEV.