Hi! I'm Nards Paragas

I help build and design products for startups.


I’m a software developer and tech startup enthusiast that has a deep desire to build and launch digital products — always striving to maintain a strong growth mindset accompanied by user-centric designs and a problem-solving approach.

Throughout my career, I’ve written code to craft experiences and designed on the side to understand the human in these applications.


Technical skill set

When I started as a developer, I learned things laterally and rapidly, just picking up bits and pieces of knowledge and skimming through documentation. This backfired later on and made me realize that my fundamentals are just plain bad which made me re-learn lessons that I thought I already knew from the ground up. Presently, I'm still in the process of refreshing my basics but I'm having fun unlearning bad habits and building on my foundation.

HTML / CSS 5 years

JavaScript 3 years

Ruby and Ruby on Rails 2 years

PHP and Laravel 3 years

User Interface Design 5 years

ReactJS 3 years

Next.js 1 year