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musings, character, and career.

Yo! Ho!

Yay! Hey!

You’re checking this page, which means you might want to know a bit about me. Well, you came to the right place so let’s talk about me then.

I’ve already mentioned this but just in case you missed it — I’m a developer, mostly working on that web stuff you hear so much about. And yeah, I write code for a living. Fun eh? Challenging but it’s enjoyable at times (more often when I’m not stressed out finding and squashing bugs).

Still curious about me?

Uhm.. I’m a Virgo? Just kidding 😂 read more below.


On startups

Did I bring it up already? I love startups and its ecosystem, I never imagined before that problems can be solved with wonderful ideas that can be built and executed upon if you’re ballsy enough. I know some that hate that grind, they say it pays cheap and forces you to become a generalist or a master of none ; which can be both true and can’t be denied. But hey, I’m not the one missing out on meeting awesome people and working on amazing products.

I guess it’s just a matter of perspective.

You might be wondering why I seem obsessed with startups, well it’s because when I discovered about it, I realized something, you can achieve your dreams by simply working towards it. The fact that this industry is about making decisions, sacrifices, and things happen is just straightforward for me. Like in our actual lives, we make a choice then there’s a probable result. You leave something behind as a trade-off for anything better. You work to make ends meet and to build a place you can later call home. That’s how I see a startup, it’s like life, thrilling.

So if you’re reading this and curious where I’m working right now, well you guessed it right — probably in a startup.


On having fun

You’ve come here, now it’s personal. jk

Well I’m an average fellow when it comes to having fun. I did not have a lot of options or let’s just say I didn’t checked up on other choices.

First, I love gaming, it’s just a part of me now but not as competitive as I was. I just play games now for what they’re supposed to be for: fun. I started when I was still in grade school and spent almost half of my adolescence in computer shops since I did not have my own PC back then. Here are some of the games that I played or still playing:

RAN Online, Gunbound, Battle Realms, Command and Conquer (Red Alert and Generals), Warcraft III and its variety of custom maps (including the early iterations of DoTA), Counter Strike (Source when I was still in college then moved on to Global Offensive), League of Legends, DoTA 2 (when League’s just too toxic), Path of Exile, Civilization 6, StarCraft 2 (when it became free) and a whole lot more to mention.

Now, how do I stay productive when my hobby’s gaming you say? Well.. I read and write too which results to me being pumped up after scanning through walls of text. I’m not a bookworm, not in any way, I’ve read a bunch of almanacs, encyclopedias, and a good chunk of Goosebumps when I was younger but that’s it.

Nowadays, I mostly consume manga, online blogs (both tech and self-improvement), write-ups, product and design case-studies, random Reddit content, Hacker News (just the ask section), and a bunch of online technical documentations when I’m working or building stuff.

And yeah, I did say that I write too. Sharing knowledge is fun for me. So there's that.